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OAK Street Initiative (OSI) knows Opportunity, Access and Knowledge acquisition are the tools needed to solve Pennsylvania's most pressing problems. By providing solutions in these areas we will transform communities by inspiring Americans to reach their potential. 

Founded by Kevin M. Baumlin, M.D., and Patrick M. Mahanger, MBA,  OSI is a not-for-profit organization born from the idea “we must do better” when tackling the issues that impact our lives. Health care, education, family matters, equity issues, income, housing, infrastructure, and quality of life concerns in our communities touch all of us, regardless of where we live in the Commonwealth or the country. OSI is focused on creating practical, workable solutions for some of Pennsylvania’s biggest challenges and making a difference in the lives of residents.  

OSI information and resources will be made available and can be used to educate communities and the public at large on these issues.  OSI will also serve as a think tank that can be tapped for legislative initiatives and for decision-makers to employ in the design and development of public policy.  OSI is committed to being an independent voice and a thought leader.

We believe that big change can happen by promoting, educating, and advocating for workable solutions - big and small.


To develop and promote workable and balanced solutions and services that improve health and wellness, provide access to education and opportunity, and promote diversity today for a better America tomorrow.  


Jobs with a living wage

Affordable childcare to promote equal opportunity in the workplace

Honoring the contributions of immigrants and helping all workers and families succeed

Equity for people of color and LGBTQ communities

Access to Better Health

and Healthcare

Improved care for older adults

Decriminalization and treatment for people with substance use disorders

Creative solutions to promote gun safety

Bridge insurance for people as they re-enter the workforce

Knowledge Acquisition

Excellence in education

Education for people with special needs

Affordable college education for all - grants not loans



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Opportunity, Access, and Knowledge into action.

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