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To develop and promote workable and balanced solutions and services that improve health and wellness, provide access to education and opportunity, and promote diversity today for a better America tomorrow.  We believe that big change can happen by promoting, educating, advocating for workable, sometimes small solutions.  Some solutions for your community are listed below:


  • Jobs with a living wage- increase your minimum wage to $15 per hour

  • Ensure that your community has affordable childcare to promote equal opportunity in the workplace-  partner with young and older adult community groups to promote enhanced resources

  • Honoring the contributions of immigrants and helping all workers and families succeed

  • The work of the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians- job training

  • Equity for people of color and LGBTQ communities


  • Improved care for older adults- implement a volunteer program for older adults in your community.  For social interaction alone.  For ‘running errands’ or for just talking. 

  • Decriminalization and treatment for people with substance use disorders.  Stop enforcing laws that don’t help and give help to people who have and addiction and need support and services.

  • Creative solutions to promote gun safety-  lock your gun for suicide program

  • Bridge insurance for people as they re-enter the workforce- offer health insurance to your new employee within one month of hire. 

  • Support a DIGDEEP clean water project in your community



  • Excellence in education- make sure every public school is as good as your best private school

  • Education for people with special needs- implement training and education programs for dyslexic and dysgraphic learners

  • Affordable college education for all - grants not loans- give a grant to a student today!

  • Volunteer to make sure everyone in your community can read

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