Sun through the Branches


OAK Street Initiative believes that the environmental initiatives can start at a community level to have lasting health and economic benefits that sustain people and the planet.   

Clean water and clean air are basic rights that should be protected for all Americans and working to bring real and affordable clean energy and clean water solutions to communities is a priority for OAK Street Initiative.  For example, despite recent policy changes along with increased awareness, lead poisoning in children remains a public health issue that can have lifelong health and developmental implications. But taking steps toward in-home lead remediation can improve the health of today’s children and change lives for generations.  Small grants made available to local communities to remediate lead piping will improve quality of life for families as well as education and health outcomes for children. 

Urban reforestation is another example of the type of program that can impact people and the planet. Planting trees in low income communities can help manage stormwater, lower urban surface temperature by providing shade, and improve air quality as well as the quality of life in communities. Additionally, urban greening projects and green infrastructure provide jobs in local communities.