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OAK Street Spotlight- The Forum of Executive Women

OAK Street Spotlight

Each month, OAK Street Initiative is pleased to highlight a non-profit organization whose mission and work aligns with the values and principles of OSI.

This month, OSI shines the spotlight on The Forum of Executive Women, a membership organization of 500 women of significant influence across the Greater Philadelphia region who work together to focus on positive change and increase the number of women in leadership positions in the region.

The organization issues an annual report on the status of women in leadership positions, supports emerging leaders though professional development opportunities, and partners with other non-profit organizations to further its mission of advancing women’s leadership opportunities.

"We can only achieve positive change if leaders are committed to taking action and providing transparency.”
—Lisa Detwiler, President, The Forum of Executive Women

OAK Street Initiative believes that equity initiatives for women are essential for creating environments where every person can succeed and thrive and is proud to shine the spotlight on the unique and long-standing work of The Forum of Executive Women.

For more information on The Forum of Executive Women, visit:

Image courtesy: Lisa Detwiler

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